Today, consumers in Sri Lanka are becoming more aware of foodborne illnesses and have become increasingly selective in places that they eat and the food that they purchase.  More and more restaurant goers demand that the food they are served is not only tasty but is also safe to eat. Cleansol is equipped and ready to help you put good food safety practices into place in line with the HACCP Principles.

Cleansol carries all the products you require to clean & sanitize your commercial kitchen operation. Give us a call today to schedule a no obligation survey of your food service operation.

TCL’s Smart Dishwashing Machine Dispenser

  • Monitor your chemical consumption and machine production online
  • Get notified when your dishwashing machine temperature is out of range
  • Get notified when your chemical cans are empty

Food Safety Tools

In order to help you easily and practically implement your food safety management system, Cleansol provides food safety tools ranging from thermometers, sanitizer verification test strips, food rotation stickers etc. to assist you. For those customers who are running a certified FSMS, compliance audits could be organized upon requests.

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