Diagnosing your hygiene needs so that you could focus on treating your patients. 

We understand that in a health care environment – infection control, preventing cross-contamination and serving your patients a safe to eat meal is of high importance. Your Cleansol Territory Manager is trained and equipped to support you in your cleaning & sanitizing programme.


Give your patients the confidence that they are in good hands with a clean & sanitized environment

Whether it is the purchasing & receiving officer who is checking the delivery of produce to your facility, or the chef preparing the patient meals or the housekeeping staff preparing the room for a patient, Cleansol will design a customised training programme for them.

Cleansol offers the following solutions to the health care service providers:


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  • A variety of specialized cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals.
  • Complete laundry chemicals including specialized chemicals for sanitizing linen.
  • Staff training programmes.
  • Chemicals dispensing equipment and tools for cleaning.
  • Regularly scheduled hygiene audits by a trained Cleansol team member.

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